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December Full Moon Fishing!
Sargent, Texas

With it being too HOT to go hunting and a full moon weekend I decided to go fishing. I invited several people but they could not make it. I had that feeling in my BONES that it was going to be a good trip. I wanted to hit the beach during the evening bite. I was able to find some crab and shrimp in my Chinatown market so I had good bait. I meet my buddy Chuck at his beach house in Sargent around 2 pm. We BSed for about an hour before we headed out to the cut. Not to many people there at first. The current was moving but still not too bad to not fish. If you knew what you were doing you were able to place your bait where you wanted it to be. We were not there 15 minutes when Chuck hooked up. He kept catching one goof fish after another. He was halving the crabs and I was not. For the longest time I was his photographer. When you keep catching fish like that you get crowded. Early in the evening it got slow so we moved down the beach. I chose a promising location and we soon started catching fish again. We kept catching fish throughout the night under the HUGE Full Moon. Around midnight we started to pack up. the fish were still bitting but I was tired.

We ended up catching 1 shark, 3 BIG Uglies and 10 Bull reds. Ranging from 36 to 43 inches.
Great night fishing with a Buddy.

I want to Thank GOD for the opportunity and all His Blessings.

Team C.B.F. scores again!

I thank God for blessings he has given this family!

Until next time God Bless and good luck!



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