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Sunday After Black Friday Fishing!
Sargent, Texas

With some GREAT bait n the ice chest and sunny days upon us I just had to hit the beach one more time. I could not find anyone to go with me so I went SOLO.

The surf was much rougher than what we had on Black Friday but still fishable. The tide was way out and not moving unstill late in the day. I set up six rods with live crab and two day old whiting. I did not loose a bait ALL day. A guy named Doug set up 100 yards or so down the beach from me and hooked up almost immediately. I could not see how big it was but I could tell it was a red. The tide stated to move lightly. I tried to get me a fresh whiting and I caught a croaker which instantly went out on two of my rods. 15 minutes later I then caught a nice whiting and I sent it out on two other rods. Doug down the beach then hooked up on another fish. I told myself that I was leaving in 30 minutes if I did not catch anything. As soon as I thought that my light 20# class rod bent over in two. the fight was on. I could see that Doug was packing up but I wan BUSY getting my butt KICKED! Luckily for me, Doug came to see what was trying to bring in and let me know that I had another fish on another pole. he was able to do me a favor and take a photo of this FAT 46-1/4" bull red.
Until it got dark I was bringing in fish and packing up.
I was able to land two other fish that went 40 and 42 inches.

I want to Thank GOD for the opportunity and all His Blessings.

Team C.B.F. scores again!

I thank God for blessings he has given this family!

Until next time God Bless and good luck!



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