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Black Friday Fishing!
Sargent, Texas

With the Holidays upon us I had family around the house like old times. Albert lives in Katy now but had to be somewhere so he could not fish with us. Andie wanted to spend time with MOM. Anthony was going to be here a couple of days. He and his wife flew down from Tulsa and was heading back to the airport late on Saturday.

Everyone knows, I HATE big crowds of crazy people trying to save a buck. So we are going fishing! The tide was going to be moving around 3 so there was no reason to leave early. I called Joe and told him where we were going to be and he said he was already loading and would meet us there. We found live crabs at the second placed we looked in Chinatown. Lucky US! Bait was NOT hard to come by on the bait rods. We caught bait at will. Keeper drum were also caught on the bait rods. Fresh crab was sent out and we managed to catch two reds with them. Shrimp tipped fish bites did the trick. Final tally was 3 bull reds, 1 keeper black drum, one keeper redfish and a BUNCH of croaker and whiting. It was a great day of catching on a beautiful day on the beach with friends and family.
Yeah, you don't see Joe in any pictures because he had to go home early and did not catch any fish.

I want to Thank GOD for the opportunity and all His Blessings.

Team C.B.F. scores again!

I thank God for blessings he has given this family!

Until next time God Bless and good luck!



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